Welcome to my addictions

Hi I'm Randi
I get addicted to TV shows, books, and cute people too easily, can't you tell?

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3x13 | 4x05
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You’ll never hate the Percy Jackson movies like Rick Riordan hates them

Excuse me this is an announcement

if you haven’t seen Austenland, go watch Austenland.

thank you.


may i direct your gaze to nobley totally checking out jane

Mr. Nobley is about 900% done with everyone’s bullshit.

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Zach preparing for the eviction speech

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I’m doing a giveaway just because I can! 


  • Must be following me 
  • One reblog/like = one entry
  • Winner will be chosen via random.org
  • The giveaway is international thanks to  thebookdepository 
  • The winner will be chosen July 31st at 12:00pm (EST)
  • The winner’s ask box must be open and respond within 48 hours. 

Any questions just ask! 

These two are like sons to me.

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Watching the Ezria sex scene like



Brittany, Amber and the case of the missing condom

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current emotion: that barn from the walking dead


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